LA Loves Autumn Joyce!


LA LOVES is proud to sponsor Autumn Joyce who is an artist/lover of life and Jesus from Oklahoma, now living here in Los Angeles.  She is raising support to attend MOSAIC COLLEGE to better equip her for community service and outreach here in LA. Every dollar helps Autumn toward her training. If you would like to donate to Autumn’s commitment, just push the DONATE button at the bottom of this page.  Every dollar raised here will go to Autumn! All donations through LA LOVES are tax-deductible.  Thank you - Deborah & Ray, Founders of LA LOVES.


Hey Friends & Family,

I just wanted to share that I’ll be attending Mosaic College this fall!  Mosaic College is in the heart of Hollywood and is dedicated to reaching this city through tons of community outreach here and abroad from building homes in the inner cities to sponsoring several Syrian Refugee families.   

Mosaic College lasts for 8 months and is similar to seminary except it’s through my church, not a university. I am very excited to be going.  Expert leaders and educators associated with my church will be teaching the classes and I am so thrilled to be learning from people who have dedicated their lives to serving others. I will receive college credit for these classes as well. 

I moved to LA to serve this city and I feel Mosaic College will better equip and teach me how to do just that. I am humbly asking if you would pray about investing in my heart and what God told me He was going to do in and through my life if I would be diligent with this training.  

The total 8 months costs $8,000.00. Every little bit helps. Thank you for believing in me and my future and what God is doing in my life. I can’t wait to see what unfolds!    

With all my heart, THANK YOU!

Autumn Joyce

THANK YOU for investing in the lives of others!