LA Loves Mercy!


We are raising support for LORI LEDFORD and JULIA JAKUS who have opened their lives and homes for a Mercy graduate in transition while providing care and assistance in finding employment. Both Lori and Julia graduated from the Mercy program several years ago, fully restored. (see more about Mercy Multiplied on our Friends & Partners page)

Thank you to all those that have donated so far. Lori & Julia will be welcoming their first Mercy girl in June. We are still collecting donations for future girl. All your donations through LA LOVES are tax-deductible. Just click on the Donate button at the bottom of this page. Every dollar goes to this worthy cause.


"There are so many lost and broken people in this world who have no hope and no sign of help. We cannot save or rescue everyone, but we can HELP THE ONE. Who do we have the most influence with? Young women. What do we have in our hands that we can use? Our apartment. So here we go. We are on an adventure to turn one bedroom into a safe haven where young girls can continue their journey of recovery and healing. Our lives were saved because we received mercy when we needed it most. We are committed to extending this mercy to others. LA Loves Mercy.

We are working in conjunction with Mercy Multiplied and have their full blessing for this project; however, LA Loves is its own 501c3 and all donations to this project will be processed through LA Loves."

Lori & Julia


I grew up with amazing parents who loved me. They were always reaching out to people in need and ended up adopting a young boy who needed a home. Little did they know, this young boy would bring insurmountable devastation that shaped the future of my family.  I was severely sexually abused from the age of 2 to almost eight by my adopted brother. During this time my younger sister passed away from a heart defect.

By the time I hit my teen years, I was angry, and suicidal. I had an eating disorder that followed we well into adult hood and I was a cutter. At the age of 19 I went to Mercy Multiplied and found freedom from the pain of my childhood. Mercy has continued to reach out to me over the years. They helped me through an unwanted divorce and the death of my mom to breast cancer. I am so thankful for the opportunity to give back to Mercy Multiplied by helping other girls on their journey to freedom.


My childhood was very chaotic. I grew up never knowing my father. I experienced years of physical and sexual abuse that left me hating authority and hating myself. I dealt with this chaos and self-hatred by starving myself. I battled with an eating disorder on and off for most of my life. This eventually led me to severe depression, suicidal ideation, cutting, and then drug and alcohol addiction.

I spent many years in and out of psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, and rehabs. The combination of the eating disorder, drugs & alcohol, and psychiatric medication led me down a very dark path of erratic behavior. I lost jobs, close relationships, and any sense of self-worth. I had absolutely no hope. The 11th program I entered was Mercy Multiplied. It was here that I truly found hope and healing. I have never been the same. Six years later I am a completely transformed person - free from all addictions. My passion and purpose in life is to spread the message of freedom to other hurting girls.

THANK YOU for investing in the lives of others!